"We are a great success story, largely because of NAF. The outstanding thing about NAF is (and has been) their willingness to act as a true partner with us. And as for Janet, her advice and good counsel has been invaluable. She has seen to it that NAF’s work has truly helped us in our work here."

Margo Gisselman, Executive Director at the Jungle Theater

In 2004, the Jungle Theater ran into some cash flow problems. When Executive Director Margo Gisselman asked their bank to increase their line of credit, not only did their bank deny, but they also asked that the Jungle Theater pay back their existing long-term loan. The theater was in decent financial shape, but the bank’s request added a new stress. Margo remembered that the Jungle Theater had a history of working with Nonprofits Assistance Fund, so she called NAF right away. NAF responded, providing a larger line of credit and refinanced The Jungle Theater’s long-term debt – a huge lift off their shoulders.

The Jungle Theater has been working with NAF since, and now has plenty of things to look forward to. In December, they will pay off their building and be one of few nonprofit arts organizations to own their space.  Additionally, with guidance from Janet Ogden-Brackett [loan officer], the Jungle Theatre has started to build a cash reserve. By the end of this year, the Jungle Theater will have $55,000 saved, a goal that Margo Gisselman never dreamed of before working with NAF.

Photot credit: The Jungle Theater